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Avoid Student Inquiry Disruption From iOS 14.5 Updates

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Adapt to iOS 14.5 With a Digital Marketing Strategist

The new iOS 14.5 from Apple enforces privacy policies that restrict apps’ abilities to track users via a new “App Tracking Transparency” framework. These changes impact your institution’s capacity to optimize and report on your ads, which can limit the success of your campaigns.

Learn what changes you need to make now to adapt to this update with a customized iOS 14.5 Planning Session. 


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iOS 14.5 Planning Session Agenda: 

📔 Overview of Facebook’s iOS 14.5 changes and its impact on higher education

🔎 Assessment of your institution’s Facebook ad setup and risk factors 

📝 Implementation recommendations for your team



"The communication between Search Influence and the Tulane School of Professional Advancement (SoPA) is clear, honest, and constant.

They use the latest tools and weekly and monthly meetings to create a data-informed feedback loop that constantly improves our campaigns."

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